Raising conditions and veterinary care

Veterinary care for fat palmipeds

Farmer obligations and veterinarian follow-up

All farmers and feeders are subject to compulsory health regulations issued by departmental veterinarian services.

Farmers often belong to producer groups and receive regular technical advice.

Whenever necessary, animals are examined by a veterinarian laboratory.

Any anomalies detected by a farmer are followed by a visit from a veterinarian. A prescription is required for all treatments.

All of the information is recorded by the farmers on a health sheet used to create a food chain identification card (ICA sheet). The card must be sent to the slaughterhouse and to the departmental veterinary services 48 hours prior to slaughter.

The premises used for the fattening of geese and ducks are inspected for conformity by veterinary services technicians.

Enregistrement elevage

Raising practices records