The professionnals

Men and women with a passion for foie gras

The making of foie gras: a chain of specialised skills

The many people working in the foie gras industry are linked together by a long chain of specialised know-how.

The different links in the chain are the:

  • Breeders;
  • Hatchery operators;
  • Feed suppliers;
  • Farmers;
  • Production organisations;
  • Slaughterhouses; and
  • Processors.

These different areas of foie gras production are often combined in cooperatives and private groups.

The palmiped foie gras industry is an important economic activity that employs nearly 100,000 people directly and indirectly throughout France.

Passionate, well-trained professionals

They often started to acquire their remarkable understanding of palmiped farming and to assimilate the know-how needed to make foie gras on the family farm when they were still very young.


Palmiped foie gras farmers also benefit from initial, high-quality French agricultural training followed by continuing education.

Thanks to their dedication and professionalism, these men and women continue to increase their foie gras expertise and improve their production techniques to provide a high-quality product to the most demanding consumers.

Before starting their farms, young producers receive support and are trained by a technician from their production organisation. They are also often tutored by another producer and gain first-hand experience in the field.