The farmer’s spirit

Proud farmers with a passion

A job performed with passion

Goose and duck farmers are men and women who have a passion for what they do.

They often inherit their passion from their parents and grandparents.

They start to acquire their remarkable understanding of palmiped farming and to assimilate the know-how needed to make foie gras on the family farm when they are very young. Palmiped foie gras farmers also benefit from initial high-quality French agricultural training followed by continuing education.

They become true professionals and dedicate a great deal of time to their animals.

They work with the animals every day of the year, summer and winter, Sundays and holidays.

Their main concern is to ensure that their animals are in good health and that they grow properly, an essential prerequisite for the production of foie gras and quality meat.

Farmers are attentive to the welfare of the animals they care for. They can detect a sick or injured bird in a flock at a glance and will immediately request the services of a veterinarian.

The farmers often also grow crops. They believe in the concept of "terroir" and produce their own maize which is used for everyday feed and for the fattening of geese and ducks.

Most farms are artisanal and family-owned because quality foie gras can't be made using intensive farming methods.

Farmers, like all foie gras industry professionals, are governed by strict regulations.

They are fully aware of their responsibility to their animals and intent on providing consumers with high-quality, ethically-produced products. They follow the rules carefully, under the supervision of the veterinary department.

Farmers are the keepers of traditional knowledge and they perform their work with passion and pride.  


Farmers are always attentive to the health of their animals