The primary concern of all farmers is the welfare of their animals. It is also a growing concern of people and of consumers, in particular.

Ever since foie gras was discovered, producers have continuously changed their techniques to ensure that their ducks and geese are bred under the best possible conditions. They continue to do so today, and will in the future, to ensure that they provide the highest quality foie gras to consumers.

They invite you to discover their farms and to share their passion for their animals, quality products and their profession.

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Meet the French Foie Gras producers

Discover the daily life of the French Foie Gras producers with this video.

Geese and ducks: precise farming standards

Farmers' expertise ensure the animals' well-being

Only a strong and healthy animal produces good Foie Gras

The good health of their animals is the daily concern of farmers

How do you produce a good Foie Gras?

The fattening process…