Handling and animal welfare

Handling skills acquired with experience

Regardless of the method used, the fattening of geese and ducks is a special skill that requires training, a sure hand and a great deal of care on the part of the person feeding the animals.

Professionalism and perfect knowledge of the animals are required.

Farmers take great care to ensure that the fattening process is properly managed during fattening.

They assess each animal to ensure that their behaviour is normal.  

They feel their crops to check that they are digesting properly.

Their actions are precise and confident. They carry them out with the self-assurance only experience can bring.

They often first saw these actions, which are repeated again and again, performed by their parents and grandparents. Breeding and fattening of geese and ducks are often family traditions.

Animal welfare


Farmers are always aware of the health of their geese and ducks during their entire time on the farm.

The fattening of geese and ducks is done gently and with great care and the farmers work as skilled professionals every day. They have the support of a network of outside partners that provides them with the best technical and veterinarian advice available.

Farmers are particularly careful during the fattening process. The death of an animal during the breeding or fattening phases is a financial loss that can imperil their farm.

None of the numerous scientific studies carried out have found that fattening has a harmful effect on the behaviour of ducks or geese. According to the conclusions of these studies, fattening causes neither stress nor pain when done under normal conditions.